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Wishtree: One Book , One School

During the month of April here at Perry Elementary we are all reading Wishtree by Katherine Applegate. All students are being given their very own copy of the book and each day we will post new chapters read by members of the community. On May 1st, students will be able to hang their "wish" on our very own Wishtree in the library.

Chapters 31 & 32 read by Mrs. Soldavini

Chapter 30 read by Mrs. Soldavini

Chapters 27-29 read by Ms. Bennett

Chapter 26 read by Ms. Elliott

Chapter 25 read by Ms. Elliott

Chapter 24 read by Mr. McLaughlin

Chapter 23 read by Mr. McLaughlin

Chapter 22 read by Mr. McLaughlin

Chapters 20 & 21 read by Ms. Smith

Chapters 17-19 read by Mr. Schuler

Chapter 15 & 16 read by Ms. Swenson

Chapters 13 & 14 read by Ms. Hollister

Chapters 11 & 12 read by Ms. Gales

Chapters 8-10 read by Ms. Hillier

Chapters 6 & 7 read by Ms. Barkley

Chapters 4 & 5 Read by Ms. Pawlicki

Chapter 3 Read by Mrs. Soldavini

Chapter 2 Read by Sunny & Officer Masci

Chapter 1 Read By Sunny & Officer Masci 

For copyright reasons, the links to the read-alouds are behind our google account for education. Students must log-in to their google account to access.

Directions for logging into your school account on a home device

Email Mrs. Soldavini if you need tech support