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Reopening the Perry Central School District

Perry Central School District Family Members:

School districts across New York State received finalized reopening guidance on July 16, 2020.  Our charge was to develop and submit a reopening plan by July 31, 2020.  To accomplish this task, the District established a Reopening Committee consisting of: Board of Education members, administrators, teachers, related service providers, support staff, health care professionals, parents, grandparents and representation from both of the District’s unions.  The Committee was tasked with consuming the most up-to-date: research, statistics, guidance documents, reopening frameworks, and school reopening models.  The Committee utilized the aforementioned information and their varied perspectives to construct a plan in the best interests of Perry Central School District Family members.

The District was required to submit three (3) instructional models as part of its reopening plan: in-person, hybrid, and remote.  As of this correspondence, the District is proceeding with its in-person instructional model—five (5) days a week.  Please note, the Governor will ultimately determine whether or not schools may reopen.  The District has dedicated tremendous human and fiscal resources to ensure a safe, in-person reopening.  The following are the salient points of the District’s plan:

  • Health and Safety
    • Daily temperature checks are required for staff, students and approved visitors.
    • The District will adhere to maintaining six (6) feet of space between individuals to the greatest extent practicable. In instances when six (6) feet of distance cannot be maintained, individuals will be required to utilize face coverings or protective barriers.
    • Students, staff and approved visitors will utilize face coverings as indicated in the plan. The District will provide explicit instruction on appropriate times and locations for face covering breaks.
  • Facilities
    • The District will utilize approved light-transmitting, plastic barriers to ensure physical distancing in identified spaces.
    • Detailed cleaning and disinfection protocols have been established for District facilities.
    • All internal facility use requests are restricted to District-sponsored activities only.
  • Child Nutrition
    • The District has established on- and off-site procedures for meal distribution.
  • Transportation
    • The District will implement density reduction measures to ensure the safety of students and staff.
  • Social-emotional Well-Being
    • The District will utilize multi-tiered systems to support its students and staff.
  • Scheduling
    • The District has altered its schedule to: ensure the safety of our students and staff, maximize instructional time, and accommodate individuals learning in the remote environment.
  • Attendance
    • Regulatory changes have created greater flexibility in the calculations of instructional minutes.
  • Technology and Connectivity
    • The District will utilize its one-to-one technology to facilitate remote learning.
  • Teaching and Learning
    • All three (3) instructional models will facilitate the attainment of state learning standards.
    • During the COVID-19 public health crisis, volunteers and visitors will be prohibited in District facilities.
  • Staffing
    • The District’s calendar has been modified to accommodate additional trainings related to COVID-19.

The reopening plan is a living document.  The District will continue to refine its contents after submission.  The complete plan may be found at:

There will be parents/guardians who: want their children back in school, are anxious about sending their students back during a public health crisis, or are concerned about their learners’ unique needs.  All perspectives are appropriate and were considered when constructing the details of this plan.  I ask that all be respectful of differing opinions pertaining to the reopening of our schools.  Parents/guardians are advocating in the best interests of their learners.

As the individual submitting the plan and attesting to its contents, I assume and accept the awesome responsibility of keeping my community safe.  As a lifelong resident, husband of a teacher, father of three students, and responsible party for the entire Perry Central School District Family, the greatest amount of care was taken when crafting this plan.

I look forward to the upcoming days and weeks when we begin educating our community on the new procedures, protocols and practices within our schools.  The District will solicit information from its stakeholders in the form of targeted surveys.  Now that the plan is submitted, it is our duty to bring it to fruition.

One step at a time…always forward.

Take Care of Each Other,

Daryl McLaughlin

Superintendent of Schools