Jr. High Homework Hotline 7th Grade - Homework




    Week: Mar 9th-Mar 13th






      3/9/20 3/10/20 3/11/20  3/12/20  3/13/20

    Math/Miss. Connolly 

    Weekly 20- due  Friday

    Study for Test Wednesday


    Weekly 20- due  Friday

    Study for Test tomorrow

     Weekly 20- due  Friday

    Conversion HW 

    Weekly 20- due  tomorrow

     Conversion HW

    Weekly 21-due next Friday


    Science/Mr. Russell

    Study for Test Wednesday

     Per 3,4,6-Finish Enzyme lab

    Study for Test tomorrow

      Per 1- Finish Poster  Per 3,4,6- Classification wkst  None

    ELA/Mrs. Cain 

     Paragraph one green page finish    Orange page front and back  Yellow Intro and Conclusion  Type out as much of Essay as possible

    History/Mrs. Caccamise

    None     Executive Branch HW-due tomorrow  None  None

    Spanish/Mrs. Little


    Bring flashcards to class tomorrow

       Any back work  Finish ir WS  Finish WS's

    Accelerated Math/Miss Connolly

    Weekly 20-due  Friday 

    Study for Quiz tomorrow

       Weekly 20-due Friday

    Dilation HW 

    Weekly 20-due tomorrow

     Weekly 21-due next Friday