Jr. High Homework Hotline 7th Grade - Homework




    Week: January 14- Jan 18






      1/14/19 1/15/19 1/16/19 1/17/19 1/18/19

    Math/Miss. Connolly 

    5.4 HW 

    Weekly 14 due 1/18

     Weekly 14  Weekly 14

     Weekly 14 due tomorrow

    Study for test tomorrow


    Math/Mr. Marti


    Science/Mrs. Butler 

    Airplane Data Table + Conclusion-due 1/16  Airplane Data Table + Conclusion-due Tomorrow  

    Photosynthesis drawing

    Animal Cell drawing 


    ELA/Mrs. Cain 

    V8A      V8C-FW Color  

    ELA/Miss. Pawlicki

       3A  3B due Friday  Finish 3E  

    History/Mrs. Caccamise 

    From Protest to Rebellion worksheet    Battle of Lexington ques. 1-9  Crossword puzzle  

    Spanish/Mrs. Little

    Family Tree Project-due 1/17


    Family Tree Project

     Family Tree Project    

     Accelerated Math/ Miss. Connolly

    Weekly 14

     Weekly 14

    Two-Step Maze

     Weekly 14

     Writig Equations 

    Weekly 14 due tomorrow

     Home and Careers Packet due tomorrow