Jr. High Homework Hotline 7th Grade - Homework




    Week: Oct. 19th-Oct. 23rd 






      10/19/20 10/20/20  10/21/20  10/22/20 10/23/20 

    Math/Miss. Connelly 

     Watch 1.1 Video and upload pictures of       notes Watch 1.2 Video and upload pictures of       notes  None  Watch 0.3 video upload pictures of notes Charge Chromebook 

    Science/Mr. Russell

     Study for S.M. Test Part 1-Friday  Study for S.M. Test Part 1-Friday

     Study for S.M. Test Part 1-Friday

    Quizziz questions-due tomorrow

     Study for S.M. Test Part 1  Prepare for S.M. Test Part 2 

    ELA/Mrs. Cain 

     Update Character Chart

     Finish 3D

    Update Character Chart

    Work on Character project

     Vocab Quiz-tomorrow

    Flashcards for Extra Credit-tomorrow

    V3E-due tomorrow

     Bring SSR book  Read to page break on pg. 66

    History/Mrs. Caccamise

     Study for Quiz tomorrow  Age of Exploration WS-due tomorrow  None  Finish Age of Exploration WS- Astrolabe, Magnetic Compass, Caravel and Mercator Projection  Any back work

    Spanish/Mrs. Little

     Any back work  Any back work Flashcards if not finished in class-due tomorrow  Any back work  Any back work

    Accelerated Math/Miss Connelly

     Weekly #1-due Friday   Weekly #1-due Friday   Weekly #1-due Friday


    2.7 HW-due tomorrow

    Weekly #1-due tomorrow

     Weekly #2

     Health/Mr. Ohlson