PCS Community Building Use Information

  • Perry Central School District Building Use Guidelines


    Section 414(1) of the Education Law sets forth the permissible uses of school buildings. As long as the school board determines that the particular use will not disrupt normal school operations, school buildings and grounds and other property of the district may be used for the following;

    -          Social, civic and recreational meetings and entertainments, and other uses pertaining to the welfare of the community that are nonexclusive and open to the general public. A civic meeting includes but is not limited to meetings of parent and parent–teacher associations.

    -          Meetings, entertainments and occasions where admission fees are charged, when the proceeds are to be expended for an educational of charitable purpose. However, these uses are not permitted if they are under exclusive control and the proceeds are to be applied for the benefit of a society, association or organization of a religious sect or denomination, or of a fraternal, secret or exclusive society or organization other than organizations of volunteer fire fighters or volunteer ambulance workers.

    -          A district permitting community use of school property for after school programs must ensure such programs are open to all children in the school district, regardless of whether they attend public or private school.




    1)      Requests for use of school facilities should be submitted to the MS secretary by utilizing the districts online Building Use form. Each request must be completed and approved two (2) weeks before any activity can be conducted.

    2)      All building use requests must include a valid Certificate of Insurance prior to approval unless Certificate of Insurance is already on file with the District. Insurance certificate must state “include the following as additional insured on a primary, non-contributing basis: Perry Central School District, its Board members, administrators, employees, staff, volunteers, and agents.”

    3)      School buildings and grounds must be vacated by 9:30pm to permit facilities to be secured and maintained.

    4)      The signer of the building use form shall be the responsible representative of the organization using the facilities. The organization and any of its participants or members agrees to hold the Perry Central School District harmless for any claims by any person, partnership, corporation or association for injuries or damage to persons or property. No insurance is provided for or implied by the District by any individuals or groups using the buildings.

    5)      Nothing shall be sold, given away or exhibited without advance permission. No “Free Will” offerings may be taken.

    6)      Maintenance personnel shall be on duty as needed when school facilities require access, operate lights, security. The primary responsibility of the maintenance personnel is to oversee the facility. When overtime services are required, a fee will be assessed to reimburse the district for any respective fees accumulated. If the kitchen is used by a non-school affiliated group, a kitchen employee must be on duty and a charge will be assessed.

    7)      All groups are required to observe the districts policies on smoking, drugs, and alcohol use. No alcoholic beverages or drugs will be consumed in the buildings or school grounds, nor shall anyone be under the influence of alcohol. Violations may cause the group or organization to lose its building use privileges for a minimum of one year.

    8)      Anytime the school is closed because of inclement weather or equipment difficulties all activities scheduled in school owned facilities are automatically cancelled. It becomes the duty of the sponsoring person or group to notify the radio station or members of the group of the cancellation. Exceptions to this may only be granted by the Superintendent of Schools in consultation with the President of the Board of Education.

    9)      The group/organization is responsible for cleanup of the area used and all damage, no exceptions.

    10)   School facilities must be left in the same condition as they are found. Desks, displays, etc., should not be disturbed. All electrical equipment or movable properties owned by the District shall at all times remain under the control of the District.

    11)   The District will assume no responsibility for equipment or property belonging to a community group or organization. Such property shall not be stored on school property, unless specifically approved the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.

    12)   Community groups shall be liable for any damage to school property resulting from activities they sponsor. The “person in charge of the function” shall make before and after each activity, a check, of the school facility and the maintenance personnel assigned.

    13)   Groups, including student organizations, using school facilities for dances, shows or plays will be responsible to see that the lyrics sung or played, acts, skits or scenes in plays do not contain language or action which is offensive or does not meet standards of good taste generally accepted by the adult population of the School District.

    14)   Organizations authorized to use the school facilities assume responsibility for the conduct of both participants and spectators. Each group shall designate a responsible adult representative who must be present at all times. Arrangements for supervision of anticipated crowds must receive prior approval.

    15)   All activities conducted on school property shall conform to New York State Uniform Fire Prevention, Building Code and municipal ordinances.

    16)   Vehicles are not allowed on the grass areas or athletic fields. 

    17)   Admission charges, approved registration fees, or concessions may only be administered as stated on the Building Use.

    18)   The School District or its representative must have free access to all facilities at all times.

    19)   The District reserves the right to revoke authorization to use school facilities at any time.

    20)   The Superintendent of Schools shall in the event of a contingent budget determine appropriate use fees to be charged after the close of school each day and on non-school days, to satisfy legal requirements related to contingent budgets.

    21)   Any electrical appliances being brought in for use by the event/function must be identified on the application and pre-approved by Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.

    22)   The use of facilities will be restricted to the places, dates and times specifically authorized on the application. Cancellation of a building use must be made at least 24-hours in advance of the scheduled use to avoid rental fee. 

    23)   The district reserves the right to decline any building use request.


    Fee Structure (Non-School Sponsored Event)

    Building Use Fee Schedule (Approved July 12, 2021)

    That the Board of Education hereby approves the following fees for Building Use for the 2019-20 school year:

    Supervision Charge per day $80.00

    Maintenance/Custodian Charge per 4 hour event $76.00

    Auditorium Manager Charge per 4 hour event $126.00

    Cafeteria Manager Charge per event $95.00

    Outdoor Athletic Complex - Monday - Saturday Charge per event $150.00

    Outdoor Athletic Complex - Sunday Charge per event $185.00

    Gymnasium Monday - Saturday Charge per event $100.00

    Gymnasium Sunday Charge per event $150.00

    Auditorium Monday - Saturday Charge per event $100.00

    Auditorium Sunday Charge per event $150.00

    Pool - Monday - Saturday (includes lifeguard 2 hours) Charge per event $94.00

    Pool - Monday - Sunday (includes lifeguard 2 hours) Charge per event $132.00

    24)   Rental rates are waived for the following school and community groups:

    a)      Boy Scouts                          e) Sports Boosters           i) Perry Wrestling

    b)      Girl Scouts                           f) Busy Bees                       j) 4H

    c)       Civil Air Patrol                    g) Perry Travel Soccer

    d)      Boys and Girls Club          h) CYO


    25)   Operating hours that the “Fee Structure” structure applies are as follows:

    a)      All operating hours

    b)      All year – Saturday and Sunday

    c)       All district holidays/breaks

    26)   The Board of Education reserves the right to establish special rental rates for school property for any use, when, in its judgment, circumstances justify rates other than those listed above or to make it available without charge. The Board also reserves the right to cancel any rental agreement if in its judgment circumstances justify such action or if school functions not previously scheduled become a priority.

    27)   Use of Auditorium:

    a)      The operation of the auditorium’s sound and lighting controls requires the technical assistance of school approved staffing. Fees shall be assessed to reimburse the District for this service.

    b)      No food or drink is permitted in the auditorium. Refreshments are permitted in the cafeteria.

    c)       Prior approval must be granted to nail, pin, tape or otherwise attach materials to any surface (including floor) of the auditorium and stage.

    d)      Approved fasteners used to secure props or other items to the High School stage floor must adhere to “Warning” signs posted on stage due to potential asbestos contamination.

    28)   Use of Athletic Complex:

    a)      Track:

    (1)    Use only sneakers or running flats

    (2)    No cleats or heeled shoes

    (3)    No spikes or turf shoes

    (4)    Please jog on outside lane

    (5)    No food, gum, beverages or glass containers inside fence

    (6)    No tobacco products on school property

    (7)    No bicycles, motorbikes, roller skates or skate boards

    (8)    No pets

         b)     Field:

    (1)    No seeds (sunflower, etc) permitted on field

    (2)    No colored drinks are permitted on the field

    (3)    Proper footwear is mandatory

    (4)    Leave field in a clean and orderly condition

    29)   Use of Pool:

    a)      A lifeguard must be on duty for all events.

    b)      If an organization provides their own life guard, they must present life guarding certification and CPR/First Aid certification.

    c)       Lifeguards must be BOE approved.

    d)      No food, including chewing gum, drink, glass containers or smoking is allowed in aquatic facility.

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