Swimming Pool


    Summer Swim program

    Please see below for the registration.

    Please note that space is limited. The SUMMER entrance to the school will be at the music room entrance (the WEST side of the building). 


    Lifeguard Class and recertifications 

    General information:
    PAYMENT REQUIRED on the date of PRE-TEST; Minimum of 4 students are needed to run the class. Maximum 10 students.


    TIME: 3:45PM-7:45PM
    COST: $175; LOCATION: Perry High School
    Candidates must be present for ALL dates.
    Upon Certification, successful candidates will be eligible for hire at the district pool, the YMCA, Letchworth Park
    and any other facility that requires a PROFESSIONAL Life Guard certification.


    All candidates must notify the pool office in writing. The written notification must include:

    • Candidate's name, phone number, address, email address and age;
    • Parent's name, phone number;
    • 1 REFERENCE name with phone number, who is not a relative and who is over the age of 21 years old;


    PRE-TEST DATE: TBD, Perry High school Pool 3:45PM

    Payment is due at Pre-Test.

    PRE-TEST/FITNESS requirements

    Continuous swim:

    • 300 yards (100 yds front crawl, 100 yds breaststroke, 100 yds breast or front crawl; goggles may be worn)*

     * Waterfront certification: Swimmer must swim 500 yards. Please see instructor.

    Sprint and retrieve swim:  

    • Swim above water to locate an item. 
    • Perform a headfirst surface dive to retrieve submerged item. 
    • Return with item without touching the bottom of the pool. 
    • Place item on deck, remove self from water.
    • No goggles.
    • TIMED: approximately 1:40.

    Two Minute Water tread

    • Tread water for 2 minutes
    • Hands are under arm pits

    Waterfront skill 1 

    • Swim the width of the pool in the shallow end to retrieve diving rings (3) completely underwater.
    • Swimmer may surface after the last ring is retrieved.
    • No goggles.



    Late Registration Policy: Effective February 27 2012:

    All registrations for Swim Lessons and H2OX must be received by the registration deadline.
    Late registrations will NOT be accepted.


    To contact the pool office, please dial 585 237 0270 EXT. 1008.

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