Swimming Pool


    Lifeguard Class and recertifications

    General information:

    Upon Certification, successful candidates will be eligible for hire at the district pool, the YMCA, Letchworth Park
    and any other facility that requires a PROFESSIONAL Life Guard certification.

    Individuals must be 15 years of age

    PRE-TEST/FITNESS requirements

    Continuous swim:

    • 300 yards (100 yds front crawl, 100 yds breaststroke, 100 yds breast or front crawl; goggles may be worn)*

     * Waterfront certification: Swimmer must swim 500 yards. Please see instructor.

    Sprint and retrieve swim:  

    • Swim above water to locate an item. 
    • Perform a headfirst surface dive to retrieve submerged item. 
    • Return with item without touching the bottom of the pool. 
    • Place item on deck, remove self from water.
    • No goggles.
    • TIMED: approximately 1:40.

    Two Minute Water tread

    • Tread water for 2 minutes
    • Hands are under arm pits

    Waterfront skill 1 

    • Swim the width of the pool in the shallow end to retrieve diving rings (3) completely underwater.
    • Swimmer may surface after the last ring is retrieved.
    • No goggles.



    To contact the pool office, please dial 585 237 0270 EXT. 1008.

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