• To open the live stream of the Board Meeting click here

    The livestream requires a username and password, which will not change:

    • The username is:  livestream@perry.k12.ny.us
    • The password is:  Pcsd2020!

    More specific directions, including screenshots, are available below. Please note that if you are logged in to another Google account (other than a perry.k12.ny.us account) you will need to “switch” to the perry.k12.ny.us account. For instructions on how to do this, please see below.

    Directions to Access the Board of Education Livestream

    (1) Go to the web address for the meeting livestream.

    Important note: If you are already logged-in to another non-perry.k12.ny.us Google account, follow these steps. If you are not logged into another Google account, go directly to step 5 below.

    (2) If you are already logged into a Google account, select your profile image or initial in the top right.

    (3) On the menu, choose Add Account

    (4) On the next page, you will need to select “Use Another Account”

    (5) You will see a screen like this. Enter the username “livestream@perry.k12.ny.us," click "Next"

    Sign in

    (6) Next, you will be asked for a password at a screen that looks like the one below. Please enter “Pcsd2020!” where prompted and click “Sign in.” This will give you access to the meeting livestream.