• Read Around Perry (RAP) announces its Mini-Grant Program for all Perry Central School District employees. The RAP Mini-Grant Program supports the community literacy initiative’s goals: To instill an understanding that literacy is an essential life skill, to ensure children are prepared for school and to encourage everyone to read. The RAP Mini-Grant Program can be used to help fund literacy- based programs, projects, items, and/or events that benefit individual classes, grades, all students, teachers or the Perry School Community.

    Read Around Perry (RAP) has approved Mini-Grant Projects for the 2020-2021 school year. Applications will be accepted from March 1, 2020 to April 3, 2020. The Grant committee reserves the right to ask for additional information or clarification from the applicant. We intend to award Mini- Grants on or before June 1, 2020. The maximum amount granted per application is $500.00. The program guidelines, summary, scoring rubric and application may be found in the links below.

    All items purchased with grant funding become property of the Perry Central School District. Supplies purchased for a specific teacher’s use will remain with the teacher during his/her tenure at the Perry Central School District. Supplies or technology purchases to support a grade level curriculum must remain within the Perry Central School District.

    Awardees must sign a media release form to allow RAP to publish information on the grant recipient and the grant’s use in conventional and social media.

    Funding Process:

    Recipients will be reimbursed for actual expenses up to but not exceeding the grant amount. Original invoices and receipts are required for all reimbursements.

    Grant recipients have two options for reimbursement:
    Option 1:
    Reimbursement: You purchase the product, then submit a reimbursement request form (with original receipts attached). The RAP treasurer will write a check to the grant recipient for reimbursement. Request for reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of purchases.

    Option 2:
    Complete a RAP Reimbursement Request Form. The RAP treasurer will write a check to the vendor and return the check to your school mailbox. After submitting your order, you must send a copy of the invoice to the RAP treasurer for RAP records within 30 days of purchases.

    Future Funding and Future Use:

    Repeat grant applications are permitted. However, when RAP meets a grant request, it is not a guarantee of future funding (such as funding the same initiative the following year).