• Business Office




              The Perry Central School District Business Office is responsible for the fiscal management needed to support the District's educational mission and vision. The Business Office manages the District budget, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, and benefits coordination. All business functions are done in accordance with the laws and regulations of the New York State Education Department and policies set by the PCS Board of Education.





    Reed Pettys, Business Administrator

    (585)-237-0270  Ext. 1004



    Molly Bogle, District Treasurer

    (585)-237-0270  Ext. 1005


    Cheryl Hayes, Deputy District Treasurer/Payroll

    (585)-237-0270  Ext. 1002


    Tiffany Koson, Administrative Secretary 

    (585)-237-0270  Ext. 1001


    Sarah Ballinger, Tax Collector

    (585)-237-0270  Ext. 1006

    Available September - November only