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  • Welcome to 7th Grade ELA!


    Course Overview

    This year, we will explore a variety of texts.  There will be five units, fiction and nonfiction, short stories, types of nonfiction, poetry,and themes in oral traditions, in which you will have the opportunity to read, write, listen, and speak.  Along with the literature we will read in class, you will read at least 2,500 pages on your own.  There will be a New York State test in April.  We will work hard together to ensure that you have a successful year!

    Let the Hunger Games begin!  We are full of excitement as we are engrossed in The Hunger Games.  Not only are we reading the novel, we will also explore its themes, figurative language, and symbolism.  Make sure you have books 2 and 3 ready to read this summer!

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    237-0270 ext. 2257


    Homework Policy

    Reason for:  Homework in ELA will usually be assigned so that you can finish a reading or writing assignment that we started in class.


    How often:  It will be your homework to read 30 minutes a night as often as possible.  It is also possible to have additional work.


    Rules with:  Homework is due in the appropriate bin at the beginning of class.




    It is your responsibility to obtain class notes, information, handout, assignments, etc. for the days you are absent.  It is also your responsibility to see me to make up any tests or quizzes.  You will have the amount of days that you were absent to make up the material.


    Team Members                                

    Core Teachers                                                                                           

    Mathematics - Mr. Gillett
    Social Studies - Mrs. Friday
    English/Language Arts - Mrs. McLaughlin
    Science - Mrs. Wheeler

    Foreign Language Teacher

    Spanish - Mrs. Little
    Encore Teachers

    Chorus - Mrs. Bastedo
    Art - Mr. Grierson
    Band - Mrs. Hume
    Technology - Mr. Cole
    Home and Careers - Mrs. Niles
    Physical Education - Mr. Ohlson
    Physical Education - Mrs. VanEenwyk

    Other 7th Grade Teachers

    Mrs. Clauson

    Mrs. Powell

    Ms. Newman

    Ms. Vest

    Mrs. Weidman



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