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    Entrepreneurship is a half year course.  Students learn business concepts and attitudes, while developing their very own business.  Through guest speakers, Junior Achievement, and class instruction, students learn how to recognize characteristics and practices of successful entrepreneurs, evaluate an idea based on product, customer and competitive-advantage criteria, and learn business planning skills for venture start up, marketing, financing, management and ethical decision making.  The end product is the opportunity to put their own idea for a real business into motion.

    Marketing is a half year course that follows Entreneurship.  Marketing impacts every aspect of our lives--where we shop, what we buy, how we eat, what we drive and even where we live. This Marketing course will introduce learners to the concepts of marketing, including the development of new products, the elements of the marketing mix—product, price, place and promotion, identifying market segments and targeting consumer groups, and the various types of promotional activities. Emphasis will be placed on oral and written communications, mathematical applications, problem solving, and critical thinking skills as they relate to advertising/promotion/selling, distribution, financing, marketing-information management, pricing, and product/service management. Instructional strategies may include computer/technology applications, real and/or simulated occupational experiences, a school-based enterprise, and/or projects in marketing functions.  A final project will allow students the opportunity to apply marketing principles to a field of their particular interest such as Sports, Fashion, Recreation, or Entertainment.

    COLLEGE  KEYBOARDING is a half year course that is required of all business majors.   Students use Microsoft Word to learn the techniques of word processing.  This course covers a variety of business and personal applications.  Use of the Internet is also included.  Students may earn three college credits through Genesee Community College.

    Skills Covered in Keyboarding

    Home Row, Alphabetical, By Finger
    Ainsworth Keyboard & Keypad Trainer
    New Key Drills
    Numbers:   Figure & Written
    Centering:  Block, Spread, Horizontal, Vertical
    Works Cited
    Cover Page with Clip Art
    Proofreaders’ Marks
                Business Envelopes
    Tables with numbers & currency
    Newspaper Columns
    Choices (Careers, etc...)
    Resume & cover letter


    INTRO TO COMPUTERS is a half year advanced course in which students may earn three college credits through Genesee Community College.   Students have the opportunity to learn:

    Beginning through advanced Power Point concepts. 

                Action buttons
                Master view
                Custom animation
                Public speaking with a show

     Use of the Internet for research info 

     Microsoft Office--Word, Excel, and Access