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    Please use this valuable site for review throughout the year: "Today is like no other to get ready and prepare for tomorrow."

    Mr. Kuhn :

    Helpful review site: 

    Great map site for Geography review...Below:

    Just click the play button and learn.


    Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery

    Great web-site on the Lewis and Clark expedition.



    Most people would say that the conflict between North and South began in Charleston, South Carolina in April of 1861, when Confederate soldiers fired on Union troops at Fort Sumter…


    "The Road to the Civil War" Check these choices out!!!


    • If you bring in the list of any other class a bonus will be in order for you.

    United States & World War 1


    • Watch the short clip linked below to help prepare you to further explore the United States involvement in World War I.  To help you analyze the information in the clip, answer the questions that follow the link.  Read the questions before watching to help you the clip actively.

    • When you are done, use the table on the backside of this sheet to help you re-activate knowledge about World War 1.


    US & World War 1 - History Channel Short  

    Analysis Questions:


    1. How long did the United States watch World War 1 from afar?

    1. Why did immigrants come to the United States? How could this have influenced America to stay neutral in the war?

    1. In your opinion, what is the difference between neutrality, indifference, and empathy? Which one of these words best describes the position of the United States during the early years of World War 1?

    1. What was President Woodrow Wilson’s campaign slogan? Why is this ironic?

    1. What was the triggering event for the United States to join World War 1?

    1. What does Germany promise Mexico in return for aiding in the war?

    1. As America entered the war, who else dropped out?

    1. What three things did the United States contribute to the war?

    Causes of World War 1

    Countries involved in World War 1

    Under each term, explain what the term means & how it contributed to the start of World War 1.

    M: Militarism


    A: Alliances

                              N: Nationalism


    I: Imperialism

    A: Assasination









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    George Washington " Chairman of the Constitutional Convention"

    Gilbert Stuart Williamstown Portrait of George Washington.jpg


    "I wish the constitution, which is offered, had been made more perfect; but I sincerely believe it is the best that could be obtained at this time. And, as a constitutional door is opened for amendment hereafter, the adoption of it, under the present circumstances of the Union, is in my opinion desirable." -

     Letter to Patrick Henry, September 24, 1787

    Read more:


    Two paintings of the signing of the Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull.


    John Trumbull's "Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776"

    Trumbull's Declaration of Independence


    Declaration of Independence
    John Trumbull







    First Inaugural Address 18:49 Franklin Delano Roosevelt  Speech  2



    Roaring 20's website:

    Scopes Monkey trial-1925

    great website below:



    General George A. Custer

    Battle of Little Big Horn


    Buffalo Soldiers

    Dime Novels helped to bring the West to life for many living back East in crowded cities.

    Dime Novels helped create many of the "Old West" Legends and myths we all know so well even today.


    Buntl;ine, Cody, Texas JackNed Buntline, "Buffalo Bill" Cody,
    "Texas jack" Omohundro.

    After traveling to San Francisco in 1869, Buntline realized he could easily adapt his stock adventure plots to a setting in the American West. At about the same time he met a handsome young scout and buffalo hunter named William Frederick Cody. Buntline claimed to have given Cody the nickname "Buffalo Bill," though Cody said he earned the name years before as a hunter for the railroads.









    Thomas Jefferson                          John Adams


    Benjamin Franklin









    Joseph Pulitzer                             William Randolph Hearst














    Civil War Battles.....   great site used in class available now at home....

    General Lee surrenders to General Grant....Link below:    


    Robert Edward Lee.jpg  Grant | T...

    General Lee                          General Grant



    General Lee surrenders to General Grant ending the American Civil War


    slide show of key events of the Civil below




    [Graphic] Photo 1 with link to higher quality photo.


    Forty-Six young men from Perry NY died in the Andersonville prison. These young soldiers were a part of the  NY 24th Battery captured at Plymouth NC in April of 1864. A total of 70 young men from your hometown died in the Civil War.

    Andersonville Survivor Image

    Survivor... Andersonville

    Audie Murphy in the Red Badge of Courage.

    The Red Badge of Courage movie graphic

    Movie Still
    from The Red Badge of Courage


    The Red Badge of Courage movie graphic


    Surrender at Appomattox Court House.

    Image Detail










    Photo of Herbert Hoover

    "Rugged Individualism"... can not get the nation out of the Depression. 


    Great Depression/ New Deal web-site great for review.

    Did President Franklin D. Roosevelt save America as we know it today?

    Photo of Franklin D. Roosevelt


    Image Detail click here for the complete story behind this iconic photo by Dorthea Lange.


    The Spanish American War Centennial Website!  ... Great reading on the Spanish-American War





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