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  • Welcome to Perry High School Technology!

    Hello, I am Mr. Mancari and this is my second year teaching at Perry Central School District.  Overall last year was a great year in the developing technology program at Perry. There are currently very relevant course that can easily help students prepare for a future in and with technology, while keeping them actively engaged in their own learning. We development of technology related fields, their impacts on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

    The Course that are currently offered this year are:
                Drawing and Design For Production    (grades 9-12)
                Principles of Engineering     (grades 10-12)

              Robotics (grades 10-12)

                Basic Computer Programming       (grades 9-12)

              Computer Communications    (grades 9-12)

            Website Design       (grades 9-12)


    The Course that are on the Horizon:


               Video Game Programming     (grades 9-12)




    Outside of the Classroom...

    In addition to being the technology teacher at the high school I also coach modified soccer and I am the assistant wrestling coach.  I find myself in a great position to learn how to become a better coach through the examples set, guidance given, and the expansive knowledge of the head varsity coach for both soccer and wrestling, Mr. Bush.