Bill Devitt High School Physical Education and Athleticws

  • Physical  Education is a program that assists students to acquire skills and attitudes

    necessary for a healthy lifestyle.



    Our Physical Education program includes the following goals:



    ê          To understand the need for regular exercise done correctly                                                               

    ê          To acquire the skills to succeed in sports activities


    ê          To acquire the skills necessary to enjoy lifetime recreation                                               


    ê          To acquire a can do attitude


    ê          To understand the individual responsibility for decisions concerning  health and fitness



    ê          P-Pass or F-Fail final grade. S-Satisfactory or U-Unsatisfactory 10 week grade

    ê          Grades are based on attendance ,participation, effort, and  performance in activities , and testing

    ê          Students will receive a grade daily based on the above

    4 points for the pre-activity warm-up 

    4 points points for the activity of the day

    0 credit will be given any time a student does not attend or participate in the class activity or a modified activity or fails to meet minimal standards for the day’s activity

     Students do not automatically receive full credit just by taking class

    ê          Less than 75% of the total possible points results in an unsatisfactory

    grade , while more than 75% of the total possible points results in a satisfactory grade