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    Middle School Physical Education

    Welcome to Mrs. VanEenwyk's Physical Education Site. You will be able to see upcoming units, schedules, expectations and more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail or leave me a voice-mail and I will return your call as soon as possible.


    (585) 237-0270 x2279


    Current Unit:

    Soccer/Football/Cooperative Games

    **Fitness Test Make-Ups will be held this week (10/4-10/6) on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday during 10th period.**

    Parents - You can check the parent portal to see if your child has missed any parts of the fitness test.  Participation in the Fitness Test will be on the 5 week reports.


    Grading Procedure

    Students are graded daily on an 8 point scale. Students start with eight points at the beginning of each class. Students are required to change for class, if they do not change they lose 2 points. Students will be allowed to participate in class if they don't change but have appropriate sneakers and clothes. Students will keep all 8 points if they actively participate in the warm-up and daily class activities. Points will be taken off for off-task behavior that is not corrected with a warning.

    Class Make-ups

    Students are required to make-up any missed classes, except for school related events (Page-Turners, field trips, award ceremonies, etc..). If students are scheduled for a lesson during PE, they will need to make-up the missed class. The point of making up class is to get the activity time that was missed. Students are able to make up class during intramurals, that are run three days per week, or they may come to a different PE class if the student has a study hall and has teacher permission.