Coach Krysczak's Place


    It's Holiday Time!!

    The first few months of school have flown by and now it's almost Thankgiving and then right around the next corner is Christmas.  We have many things planned in the next 6-7 weeks that will keep all of our students engaged and active.  Our drug free carnival, always a favorite amongst the students takes place the two days prior to Thanksgiving.    The carnival allows students to test their skills at throwing, kicking, bowling,  and skipping rope and at the same time will be reminded of the importance of being drug free.  In the weeks following turkey day we will be spending time on the mats doing gymnastics.  Students will spend three weeks rolling, climbing, balancing and vaulting.  The final few days students will be participating in a monster obstacle course which always sends the children back to class sweaty and wanting more.  The final week before Christmas students will be enjoying some holiday games and begin fitness tests for the annual fitnessgram. 


    In November and December students in grade 4 will be participating in intramural K9.  This is a game that is extremely popular with the students.  We expect a large turnout for this activity.  K9 is a kickball type of game with some rule modifications that make it more active than traditional kickball.  It is our goal that intramurals be about fun and learning what good sportsmanship is all about.  At the end of each intramural session students will line up and shake hands with their opponents to reinforce that it isn't who won the game but how you played that counts


    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to help the students of Perry grow ro their fullest potential by developing the three domains of Physcial Education: Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor.  Through our instruction, we hope that students will gain self esteem and build self worth that will help them meet everyday life challenges.  We hope that our students will gain an understanding and appreciation for Physcial Education (physical fitness) and the important role it plays in helping them achieve  happy, healthy and productive lives.


    "Physical Education is the only subject, by the very nature of its content, that has the potential to affect how a person will feel every moment of every day for the rest of his or her life"        -       Author Unknown