Proper Clothing and Footwear

    • Students are required to wear sneakers everyday to class.  These sneakers should be comfortable, secure, and safe for your child to wear.


    • Students should wear clothing that fits properly, is comfortable, and safe, due to the fact that the students will be moving around in class.


    • For grades 2nd, 3rd, and 4th: proper swimwear, and towel is required.  A letter from the PE staff will be sent as a reminder prior to the swim unit.


    • Dressing for class outside: weather permitting we will go outside as much as we can (temperature above 50 degrees).  Please make sure that your child has a jacket or hoodie.


    • Winter Dress: During the months of January and February (check calendar for dates) we will be doing our outside winter curriculum.  Due to the snow and cold temperatures, all of the following are required: boots, hat, gloves, snowpants, and jacket.  A letter from the PE staff will be sent home prior to this unit.