Challenge of the Month

  • November Challenge - SITUPS  -  Students have already been working on this challenge both at school and hopefully at home as well.   During class during the month of November students have been steadily increasing the amount of situps  they do and are introduced to some other exercises that target the abdominal muscles.  After Thankgiving students will all be timed for one minute and will do as many situps as they are able to do.  Each grade level has different goals.  Students will receive certificates is they meet their particular grade level goal.  The goals are as follows:

                             RED             WHITE           BLUE 

    Kindergarten           10-14          15-18             19+

    1st grade              15-18          19-22             23+

    2nd grade              17-21          22-26             27+

    3rd grade              22-26          27-30             31+

    4th grade              26-30          31-34             35+