Concussion Management

  • The Board of Education recognizes the seriousness of concussions and the potentially progressive nature of an impact to the head especially during the first week following injury where re-injury can result in second impact syndrome and more severe injury.

    The Board further recognizes that well-informed parents, athletes, and staff are the greatest prevention measures to avoid those instances of preventable head injury and to minimize risks with unavoidable injury through early recognition and management.

    The Board also recognizes the evolving research that has demonstrated the importance to provide students with concussion appropriate safeguards and educational accommodations, as necessary, during the healing phase of their recovery. Because of the nature of a concussion, a student may require short-term program modifications without the benefit of an IEP or 504 plan already in place.

    Accordingly, the Perry Central School District will take reasonable measures to work with staff, parents, students and health care providers to provide appropriate education about the risks of concussion, prevention, identification and response to injury as well as to identify appropriate remedial measures following suspected and/or actual injury.  Such measures may include, but are not limited to:

    providing training for educational teams, athletic staff, parents, and students about prevention strategies, the risks of head injury associated with sports, proper use of personal protective equipment and devices, and importance of reporting injuries promptly to an adult who can help them.  Education will also address the aftermath of any injury to the head, inside or outside of school, and the importance of cognitive and physical rest during healing.

    having standing emergency medical protocols for athletic staff and club supervisors created by the district physician; maintaining a concussion management team in the district as selected by the superintendent (or designate) to include key personnel in academics, physical education, athletics, and health services to oversee and implement concussion management protocols at each building level.

    identifying appropriate and reasonable short-term academic accommodations for a student during the healing process are in place, which may include testing accommodations not previously specified, homework and project extensions and incompletes without typical penalties.

    Furthermore, the District will implement in its concussion management protocol standardized measures of assessment of injured students and adherence to a return to mental and physical exertion on a progressive program consistent with guidelines from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association and in accordance with any laws governing the State of New York.

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