What is __________?

  • Have you heard of moodle, wikis, ning, rss, twitter, YouTube, delicious, social networking, web 2.0, gif, jpeg, pdf, google world, google docs, skype, blogging, podcasting and wondered what these mean?  Should you learn to use them?  How do you use them in your classroom?  An on-going project on these pages will be to provide definitions and examples of these tools, and possible ways to use them in the classroom.

    note:  due to the filtering system, some of these sites may be blocked while at school.  While I am working to unblock these sites, you may have to explore them at home.  

    Remember, exploring instructional technologies is a great way to full fill the district required professional development. 

    The most up-to date list of web 2.0 tools is found on Digital Teaching Tools wiki