• Junior Calendar


    • Register for PSAT in counseling center.
    • Continue refining your list of target schools.
    • Research schools on the internet or via books and visits.
    • Update your resume with any new information.
    • Plan next two years' extra-curricular activities and community service activities.
    • Think about when to take the SAT or ACT tests- develop your "tentative" test plan.


    • Take the PSAT to be eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Competition.
    • Study hard! Aim for A's and B's.  Do extra credit when available.
    • Start a personal file updating information for your resume.
    • Locate and organize all awards, prizes, recognitions earned.
    • Acquaint yourself with resources at school.


    • Keep grades up- improvement counts!
    • Get to know your junior year teachers, you may want them to write a letter of recommendation for you next year!
    • Take SAT Subject Tests if necessary- ask your school counselor about this before registering.
    • Continue researching colleges.
    • Improve your vocabulary! Learn 20 new words a week.
    • Think about college majors.
    • READ!!!!


    • Study hard!
    • Take SAT Subject Tests if appropriate.
    • Register for the SAT at collegeboard.com
    • Register for the ACT at actstudent.org
    • Discuss PSAT results with your school counselor.
    • READ over break!
    • Fill up your spare time as much as possible with community service, volunteer work, clubs, sports, etc.


    • Continue researching colleges.
    • Compare PSAT and projected SAT results to the averages at your target schools.
    • First Chance to take the SAT.
    • Be sure you know your social security number and school CEEB code.
    • Consider SAT/ACT prep courses or for spring tests.


    • Register for SAT and ACT tests.
    • Remember how important junior grades are for your class rank and college applications.
    • Plan a challenging senior year schedule. An easy schedule can cost you an acceptance.)


    • Take SAT/ACT Tests.
    • Have your target list down to 10-12 schools.
    • Plan college visits.
    • Register for SAT/ACT tests if you plan to take any in May.
    • Plan a challenging senior schedule. No senioritis!


    • Take SAT/ACT tests.
    • Plan an interesting and challenging summer.
    • Get into the databases  (mailing lists) of your target schools.
    • Attend college fairs.
    • Meet with a recruiter if interested in going into the military.
    • Try to visit colleges of interest over spring break.
    • Prep for AP exams if appropriate.
    • Think about financing your college education.
    • READ!!!


    • Take SAT/ACT tests.
    • Students who will be applying Early Decision or Early Action should try to complete all SAT and ACT tests during junior year.
    • Take AP exams if appropriate.
    • Start studying for June Regents exams.
    • Use scholarship search programs to investigate scholarships that might be available to you.


    • Take SAT/ACT tests.
    • Arrange college tours and interviews for the summer months. Call admissions offices of schools to set up appointments.
    • Visit colleges, take tours, and interview if recommended.
    • Do something extra with you resume in mind.
    • Keep extra curricular activities and community service efforts going.
    • Refine your college list.
    • athletes need to register with NCAA Clearinghouse if applicable.