• Sophomore Calendar


    • Take a career assessment test if offered.  
    • Start or continue your resume.
    • Maintain good grades!!! (Sophomore year and Junior year almost always count the most)


    • Attend any college-oriented school meetings.
    • Start or continue your resume.
    • Get to know your teachers.  Be sure they know you are a serious student.
    • Research careers using the internet and/or high school resources.
    • Talk to adults about their careers. What appeals to you most?


    • Investigate colleges using the internet or books.
    • Focus on academics. Do extra credit whenever it is offered.
    • Time permitting, fill your resume categories with community service or activities.
    • Think about what makes you unique.


    • READ!!! This can make a big difference on your SAT scores.
    • Use your holiday vacation to research schools and think about summer opportunities.  remember, college applications will ask for some combination of paid employment, clubs, community service, summer programs, activities, honors and awards.
    • Talk to older friends about their college experience and what campus is like at their school.


    • Investigate colleges using computer research programs.
    • Research different careers using the Internet.


    • Search for relevant summer activities that support your unique areas of interest, talent, etc.
    • Talk to your school counselor about your ideas and to ask questions.
    • Keep up your grades and do extra credit whenever you can. Show you care.


    • Can you start to identify 10-12 target schools? You can modify the list as you go.
    • Get the admissions stats and download applications for a couple of your top schools- see what they expect!


    • Visit some nearby colleges over break- it's never too early!!!
    • Be sure you are in your target schools' databases so you will receive information from them.


    • Study for finals and Regents exams.


    • Refine your target list of schools.
    • Hopefully, you have planned a fun and productive summer!
    • Don't forget to READ!!!