• Freshman Calendar


    • Begin and continue a thorough self-examination of your abilities and interests.
    • Study hard and get good grades. Set your academic goals now.
    • Try a sport, club, or other activity.
    • Begin your resume.
    • READ!


    • Plan and become involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, etc.
    • Position yourself for leadership in at least one area.
    • Keep up your grades.
    • Be sure teachers know you care.
    • READ as much as you can. This has a huge effect on your vocabulary, hence your standardized test results.


    • Investigate the kinds of education available: two-year colleges, four-year colleges, universities, professional schools and more.
    • What are your college-related goals? Are you interested in the top tier, most selective schools?
    • Talk to your school counselor about ideas and ask questions. Get to know them as well as your teachers.


    • If not already done, start a checklist of personal preferences in selecting colleges: selectivity, size, location, etc.
    • Start your list of 10-12 target schools (It will likely change several times.)
    • READ over break!
    • Fill your spare time with community service, volunteer work and activities. (This will go on your college apps.)


    • Think about college visits.
    • Keep up your grades. Freshman year DOES count!!!
    • READ


    • Visit nearby campuses if you are interested in local schools.
    • Keep up your grades. Do extra credit whenever possible. Strive for A's and B's in all classes.


    • Put forth your best effort. Improvement counts!
    • Plan a challenging schedule next year. Colleges look for indications that each student has tried to take the strongest possible course of study.


    • Plan a productive summer- community service, volunteer work, sports camp, unusual experience, job, etc.
    • Talk to your school counselor about what might help your resume.


    • Study hard for final exams


    • Have a fun and productive summer!!!