Study Strategies

  • Effective Study Strategies

    1. Read the textbook assignments before going to class.
    2. Sit in the front of the classroom.
    3. Write down clear directions for all assignments in a planner.
    4. Focus on what the teacher is saying, not how.
    5. Scan reading materials before reading.
    6. Type papers when possible.
    7. Develop mnemonics when possible.
    8. Keep a calendar of major events including tests, deadlines, etc.
    9. Set up a study area for studying only!!!
    10. Work on ONE assignment at a time.
    11. Keep all the supplies and materials you need readily available.
    12. take periodic breaks while studying (5-10 minutes each hour.)
    13. Highlight major points in your notes.
    14. get together study groups to review before tests.
    15. Pay special attention to the first and last five minutes of class.  This is usually when important information is distributed.
    16. Ask questions if you do not understand something.
    17. Break large assignments into a number of smaller tasks.
    18. Get a good night's rest before an exam.
    19. Read through the entire exam before beginning.
    20. Answer the easiest questions first.
    21. Pace yourself to allow adequate time for each questions.  Make sure you can see a clock