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    The current unit:

    The Current Unit: Chapter 5

    Classical Greece & Alexander the Great, 1200 B.C. - 300 B.C.

    Homework assignments and are on the “My homework” link in the left side menu box.

    CHAPTER 5 TEST ALERT: 12/20/19!

    Be sure to check the Homework link on the left menu bar for current assignments and due dates. The resource link will provide all readings and other resources for use with homework assignments or class enrichment.

    General TEST Study Hints / Suggestions: Review the key ideas discussed in class each day, take 10 minutes to read over your notes or class exercises to remind you of what we did in class. This will make studying the night before much easier and you will remember more!

    KEY Review Materials / What to Study:

    1. Your homework PP reviews, Bingo Review, essay organizer, and study guide (read, highlight, quiz yourself, & review).
    2. Your notebook class notes and homework vocabulary opener packets.

    The Questions at the end of each reading for Chapter 5 are to be done in the notebook by the assigned due dates (check homework). 

    Homework Vocab & Questions: To be done in the Notebook by the assigned due dates.

    Ch 5 TEST is Friday 12/20/19