Curriculum and Instruction

    Welcome to the Perry Central School District's Curriculum and Instruction Webpage
    The Perry Central School District ensures all students are college and career ready.  Over the summer, and throughout the school year, we have been engaged in prioritizing standards; revising and improving our curriculum and using a variety of tools to gauge student learning to inform our instructional practice.  
    The Perry Central School District mission to provide an education that prepares students to be valuable citizens by maximizing their full intellectual, creative, social, and physical potential, in partnership with the community, is directly aligned to what we do each and every day.  
    As we embark on the beginning of our school year, I look forward to working alongside such a devoted staff that thrives on supporting the growth and development of our students. 

    Please refer to the links on the side of this page to gather any additional information that you may be interested in.  This webpage will be updated on a regular basis and will hopefully serve as a resource for all who visit this site.