Class Expectations




    Ms. Newman


         This class is provided to supplement the regular or special classroom instruction.  To help you have a successful year, we will help you with organizing your materials, managing your time wisely, learning difficult concepts, studying and/ or preparing for tests, learning study skills, completing your work, and becoming more responsible.  Our purpose here is to work together to be successful.  This class is NOT a study hall- IT IS A REGULAR CLASS!!


            To be successful in Resource Room YOU MUST:


    1.     Be on time for class

    2.     Bring all of your materials with you

    3.     Bring your work from your content area classes

    4.     Have your assignment pad with you

    5.     Work independently if the teacher is working with another

    student or reading a test

    6.     Participate during class time

    7.     Maintain on-task behavior


      I am looking forward to working with you this year.


      WE and OURS (as referred in this letter)  EQUALS    YOU  +  ME