• The School Tax Relief (STAR) program offers property tax relief to eligible NYS homeowners.

     If you are eligible and enrolled in the STAR program, you'll receive your benefit in one of two ways:

    • STAR credit check.  If you are registered for the STAR credit, the Tax Department will send you a STAR check in the mail each year.


    • STAR exemption: a reduction on your school tax bill.  If you've been receiving the STAR exemption since 2015, you can continue to receive it for the same primary residence. As long as you remain eligible, you'll see a reduction on your school tax bill for the amount of your STAR exemption. Note: The STAR exemption is no longer available to new homeowners.


    The NYS Department of Taxation and Finance has additional information available online at their STAR Resource Center

    If you wish to switch to the STAR Credit from the STAR exemption please click here to register.