The ABC's of Kindergarten


    Parent Resource Guide

    A is for Attendance. A successful school experience is the responsibility of the child, the parent and the school.  Your child's progress, both academically and socially, is influenced to a great extent by daily participation. When your child is absent, please contact our school nurse at 237-0270 ext 2263 to inform us of your child’s absence. Whenever your child is absent, you must send a note explaining the absence when your child return’s to school. If your child needs to leave school early for an appointment, please send a note in with your child including by whom and when your child will be picked up. Your child will only be released to you unless I receive written notification otherwise. Please report to the elementary office to sign-out or pick up your child for early dismissals. These policies are for your child's safety.

    B is for Birthdays. Birthdays are special occasions for young children. On or near your child’s birthday, she will be on our snack calendar. She is welcome to bring a special store bought and packaged treat such as those made by Hostess or Little Debbie. (Please do not send bakery cupcakes/cookie cakes as they are difficult and messy to serve and eat.) We will celebrate summer birthdays during the last few weeks of school. Please note: It is policy at Perry Elementary School that private party invitations may not be passed out at school. This helps prevent hurt feelings.


    C is for Conferences. Parent/Teacher conferences are held during scheduled conference days in the fall. You will receive your child’s report card and we will discuss his accomplishments, strengths and overall progress.



    D     is for Dismissal. Dismissal is at 2:30 P.M. Please do not come to our classroom to pick up your child. The students will be dismissed by me and escorted to appropriate locations. Bus riders will be escorted to the bus loop. Unless previous arrangements have been made in writing, each child will be expected to ride his/her regular bus home.


    E is for effort. During the school day each child needs to put forth their best effort.

    F  is for Field Trips. We plan field trips that are both fun and educational for the children. Buses will be used for transportation. We often need parent chaperones on these trips.  Please return permission slips as soon as possible after they are sent home and be sure to note if you are interested in acting as a chaperone. To chaperone a field trip you need to be a board approved volunteer.


    is for Fire Drills. Fire drills are held several times throughout the year.  All students will participate and are expected to walk quickly and quietly to their designated exit.  We will practice and become familiar with procedures before our first scheduled drill.

    G  is for Good attitude.

    It is important to have a positive attitude toward school and a willingness to try new things.

    H  is for Home Projects. Read, read, read! Please spend time reading to/with your child each day. There will be Home Projects that will be sent home throughout the year. These are projects that can be created by a parent and child or the whole family can get involved. Your child will have the opportunity to share her/his project with the class and it may also be displayed in our classroom or hallway. Completing, returning, and presenting these projects begins to build a sense of responsibility and achievement that will grow as your child progresses in school.

           is for Homework. Your child will have a Homework Envelope. These envelopes will contain important information and homework assignments. Please finish the homework at home and return to school in their envelope. Each classroom has a homework chart; your child will receive a sticker for each completed homework assignment.

    I  is for Illness. The question of when to keep your child home from school is  often a difficult one, especially when the decision must be made first thing in the morning.  It is important, however, to keep your child home if he is ill. If your child has had a fever or been sick during the night, please allow him to stay home to recuperate the following day. This helps to make him more comfortable and prevents others from becoming ill.  Children function more effectively in the classroom when they are healthy. Please write a note explaining the absence when your child returns to school.


    is for Info Tags. Your child is sent a name tag to be worn the first two weeks of school. Information on the tag includes your child’s name, teacher’s name, and dismissal information.

    J  is for Journal Writing. We will spend time every day writing in our journals. In these journals, the kindergartners combine their emerging writing skills with their drawing skills.  As the children are exposed to a variety of phonics and reading experiences, journal entries will move from drawings and “inventive” spellings towards more conventional writing. You will have the opportunity to see your child’s journal writing at our parent/teacher conferences.

    K is for Kindness. Students in our classroom are encouraged and expected to treat all members of our class, as well as others, with kindness and respect.

    L  is for Lunch. You can have your child bring a lunch from home or she can order a lunch from school.  The cost of lunch is $1.60.  Menus are in the Perry Shopper and can be found on the district website.  Children who bring lunch from home may purchase a beverage (milk or juice) at school if you wish. Please make sure that money is sealed in a Ziploc bag or envelope and labeled with your child’s name. Applications for free and reduced lunches are sent home in our school calendar, with lunch menus, or may be requested from the cafeteria at any time. You may also prepay money in your child’s lunch account to be used for lunches and/or treats. Breakfast may also be purchased at school.

    M is for Math. We use EnVision Math by Scott Foresman.  We work on math in our calendar time each morning, as well as math lessons and games/centers.  Kindergarten math focuses on hands-on activities through the use of manipulatives.

           is for Money. Sometimes your child may need to bring money to school. Please send the money in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s full name, teacher’s name, and the purpose for the money.

    N is for Newsletter. Our weekly newsletter is generally sent home on Fridays and will be in your child’s homework envelope or backpack. This will keep you informed about what is happening in our class, including the skills we are learning, poems, books, or songs to share, special activities and upcoming events.

    O     is for Open Lines of Communication. Please let us know if you have ANY concerns or questions regarding your child throughout the year.  I feel that it is our job to work together as partners to help your child have a successful first year.  I can be reached at 237-0270 x. 2226.  I try to check my messages throughout the day, but of course there are times when I may not be able.  If you have an urgent message and you want to be sure that I get it before dismissal, please call the office, 237-0270 x. 2018 and speak to our wonderful school secretary, Mrs. HendricksonJ.

    P is for Playground. Weather permitting, your child will have outside time until the snow flies. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather including jackets and mittens when necessary. Sneakers are necessary every day to ensure your child’s safety. Please remind your child to be respectful to the playground and to play safely and kindly with the other children.

    Q  is for Quick Goodbyes . . . Leave dry eyesJ.

    R  is for Report Cards.  While assessment is ongoing, your child will receive a report card two times during the year (January and June). These reports reflect the progress your child has made toward various kindergarten objectives and uses a grading system that reflects the developmental nature of kindergarten learning.

    S is for Snacks. Kindergarten students generally get hungry by mid-afternoon so we will take turns bringing snacks to share with our friends. We will send home a Snack Calendar each month to let you know when your child is scheduled to bring snack. Your child should bring in a snack to share with the entire class (about 20 students). Please send a healthy snack that is easy to serve, such as a box of crackers, mini-carrots, graham crackers, mini-boxes of raisins, animal crackers, apples, pretzels, Goldfish crackers, popcorn, etc. (nothing with peanuts please). Snacks must be store bought/packaged. With the exception of birthday snacks, please try to avoid cookies/sweets and opt instead to send healthy snack choices. During snack we have snack milk. Kindergarten does not have chocolate milk for snack. The cafeteria will send a letter about milk prices.

    is for Specials. We have special classes including art, music, and physical education. We also have library class once each week. On PE days, please dress your child appropriately for exercise and be sure that he wears sneakers.

    is for School Hours. Students attend school everyday from 8:15-2:30. School doors open at 8:05am. If your child arrives at 8:15 or after they are considered to be tardy.

    is for Sign-in/Sign-out. If your child is tardy, you must sign him/her in at our School Office. Likewise, if your child needs to leave while school is still in session, you must sign him/her out at our school office. We are not allowed to release children to you from our classrooms. Mrs. Hendrickson will call me when you arrive and your child will meet you in the office. Please send a written note indicating the time your child is to be dismissed, who will be picking up your child, and whether or not your child will be back in school that day.

    T  is for Toys. The children may not bring toys to school as they create distraction during learning activities. This also prevents hurt feelings when toys are accidentally lost or damaged. We have many fun, enjoyable learning experiences at school to keep your child engaged throughout our day.

           is for Transportation Changes. If there is ANY change (permanent, temporary, or for a day or two) in your child’s usual dismissal, please fill out a transportation change form located in our Elementary/Middle School Office. A three day notice will give time for all parties (bus garage, office, classroom teacher) to be made aware of the change. If your child will be picked up at dismissal, please send a written note to school including the date and the full name of the person who will be picking up your child. Because these changes can be confusing for young children, adult notification is essential. For your child’s safety, if no note or transportation change form is received, we must send your child home the usual way.

    U  is for Unique. Each child in our class is unique and wonderful.  In kindergarten we learn about how we are unique and special, and we celebrate our differences and similarities.  We also learn about the different cultures within our class and community.

    V is for Volunteers. There will be opportunities for you to volunteer for field trips throughout the year. We no longer have parent volunteers in the classroom due to scheduling problems. Each volunteer must fill out a volunteer form and return to the Elementary/Middle school office. Each form needs to be approved by the Board of Education. This process takes a few weeks. If you have not filled out a form then you will not be able to volunteer for a field trip. A new volunteer form needs to be filled out each school year.


    W is for Webpage. Please check the District webpage for important information. Each Kindergarten teacher has a webpage that can be visited as well.

    X  is for Exciting Experiences. We will have many wonderful eXperiences this year such as crafts, science experiments, field trips, making class books, stage presentations, and playing many learning games.  Kindergarten learning is fun and eXciting!

    Y is for You. You can help to help your child feel successful this year in many ways.  Reading to your child is the single most important thing you can do.  It encourages your child to become a good reader.  Another important way to help your child is to discuss the school day with her.  Ask questions like, “What did you learn today?”, “What did you work the hardest on?”, or “What are you getting better at?”.  These questions cause children to reflect on their learning which in turn helps them remember new information.  Don’t let them tell you “nothing.”  I assure you, we will be learning MANY thingsJ!! Ask your child about music, P.E., reading, or math work.  Talk positively about school.  The way your child perceives your feelings about her school and teachers will have a direct effect on how she feels about them. Show enthusiasm for learning, it is contagiousJ!

    Z is for ZZZ’s. We have a quiet time each day when the students rest.  It is a nice relaxing break from our hectic day! J It is also important to make sure that your child is getting a good night sleep.  Establish a bedtime routine that allows your child to get 10-12 hours of sleep each night.  He will function more productively and happily in school after a good night sleep.