Volunteer Information - Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. - Author Unknown

  • We look forward to having volunteers during our Read to Self & Read to Someone time each day! Volunteers will be listening to and assisting students while they read. At the beginning of October, I will begin contacting people who have submitted their volunteer application. Please return the application to me and then I can pass it along to the office. If you send it to the office or with one of your other children, please notify me that you have completed the application and would like to volunteer in our room!

    * To get a volunteer application, please stop by the main office!

    The key to our success
    rests in people like you,
    who embody the spirit of greatness
    by saying, "Yes I can, and so can you!"
    Thanks for your inspiring dedication
    and tremendous example to the world.

    Now that our work is finished,
    we say good bye with sad yet grateful hearts.
    We want to thank you for your dedication,
    and being there from the very start.
    Words cannot convey our gratitude
    for your tremendous contribution.

    With gratitude in our hearts
    for your contributions to our cause,
    we wanted to thank you with this card
    as our personal round of applause.
    The credit for our good deeds
    firmly rests with our dedicated volunteers.

    Thank you so much
    for all of your hard work
    and to bear witness to your passion
    was an unexpected perk.
    We never could have asked
    for a more dedicated volunteer
    and words cannot express
    how grateful we are to have had you here.
    It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with you.
    THANK YOU!!!