All About Mrs. Manchester - Interests, Hobbies, Enjoyments

  • Meet my family... 
    Josh, Leah, & Levi!


    Hobbies: camping, hiking, gardening, sports, reading, baking, collecting   
                            recipes, canning fruits & vegetables, making crafts, inspecting insects, and 
                            spending time with family and friends

          Favorite Children's Books: Farfallina & Marcel, Flat Stanley
                                                                               Slugs in Love, Junie B. Jones, The Umbrella

    Favorite Foods:
    chicken fingers, french fries, peanut butter cups

    Favorite Sport:   
    Favorite Season:
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavors: peanut butter cup and black raspberry
    My Pet:
    Leo the turtle  
    Favorite Color: PINK

    My Family: Joshua - husband, Leah - daughter, Levi - son, Gladys - mother, Melvin - Father, Naomi - sister, Nels - brother-in-law, Jeremiah - brother, Marie - sister-in-law, Emma, Logan & Ainsley - nieces, Ethan, Jackson, Grady, & Blake - nephews, Cynthia - mother-in-law, Robert - father-in-law, Sara - sister-in-law, David - brother-in-law, James - brother-in-law, Rachel - sister-in-law, Kelsey - sister-in-law

      : October 15th

    Places I've Visited:
    Oahu Hawaii, Outer Banks North Carolina, Orlando Florida, Fripp Island Myrtle Beach, & Edisto Beach South Carolina , Adirondack Mountains New York, Raleigh & Charlotte North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Pocono Mountains Pennsylvania, Springfield & Branson Missouri

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