Snack Calendars

  • We rely on parent contributions for snack. Each month you will receive a snack calendar with your child’s name assigned to a day. When it is your child’s snack turn, please send in enough healthy snacks for the 16 students in our class. It is necessary that all snacks be made in an “approved” facility as we are unable to serve homemade treats. 

    Check out the snack calendars below!
    Children have the opportunity to receive snack milk (white or chocolate) or juice every day. Students must pre-pay the cafeteria for their milk or juice. You may choose to pay $54 for the entire year, $27 for each half of the year, or $13.50 for each quarter. The due dates are: September 9th, November 10th, January 26th, and March 24th. A drinking fountain or your child’s water bottle is available for students who do not receive milk or juice. 

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