Mrs. Brown's 2nd grade Supply List

  • -2 composition notebooks

    -1 art smock/old shirt

    -2 packs (at least 24) of #2 yellow sharpened pencils(no mechanical pencils please) Ticonderoga and Dixon work best!

    -1 pack of 24 count crayons or colored pencils

    -1 highlighter (any color)

    -2 different color pocket folders

    -3 to 4 boxes tissues

    -1 pair of scissors

    -1 box of ziploc bags (boys-gallon, girls-sandwhich)

    -6 gluesticks

    -1 or 2 blue or black only dry erase markers

    -1  zippered supply bag for supplies

    -2 red pens

    - 2 1 subject spiral notebooks

     Please help your child replenish these supplies as the year progresses. Please DO NOT send large ringed notebooks, Trapper Keepers, or backpacks with wheels to school with your child. Thanks for all your help!