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Children's Book Favorites

  • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick

    by Lucille Colandro; Illustrated by Jared Lee Year Published: Easy Reading
    This is a repetitive verse book with lots of common sight words allowing your child to read more fluently and be entertained by things the lady swallows and the surprising results. A bit of rhyming is also included. The illustrations provide colorful picture clues. If you like this book, you'll also like There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat for the Fall! Published by Scholastic 2004 (ISBN:478-0-545-16181-7)
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  • WEATHER: Poems for All Seasons

    by Lee Bennett Hopkins Year Published: Easy Reading
    A collection of easy to read poems written by various authors. It's a wonderful introduction to poetry for children in Grades 2-4. Colorful pictures by Melanie Hall illustrate each poem beautifully.
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Leisure Reading

  • THe Art of Racing in the Rain

    by Garth Stein Year Published: Average
    A very entertaining selection and quick read. This book describes the life through the eyes of a dog who thinks almost like a human and wishes to return in another life as a human. It was recently the FAll 2009 - Winter 2010 chosen read for a Tale of Three counties...The Gensee, Wyoming, and Orleans county libraries promoted the book talk events leading to Garth Steins appearances in those counties in March 2010.
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