Art Class Rules

  • Art Class Rules:
    (remember ARTIST)

    Attitude! (Make good choices!)

    Respect! (Yourself, others and materials)

    Try your best!

    Imaginative & Creative!

    Spic & Span! (Clean up after yourself and your table)

    Talk Quietly and stay on task!

    ***All students need to bring a smock for art class that they can keep in their locker!

    Please do not go out and purchase anything special~ an old t-shirt is great!***

    The Art Chart:

    Students are able to earn a sticker for their class on "The Art Chart"!

    If all students are well behaved, get their work done, and clean up on time, they will earn a sticker on the chart for that day.

    The class (for each grade level) with the most stickers at the end of the marking period will win a "Free Art Day" ~ where students will be able to choose from a few fun activities they can participate in for one class!